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Electron component marking machine
Release time:13 March,2014  Click:4549
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Electronic components laser marking machine, specifically for the production of TO-92 spare parts manufacturer marking and design.

 Using the current international advanced semiconductor pump technology, with high-speed, stable, low power consumption and low cost.

The machine can run 24 hours a day,  material not be stuck, do not leak to play, easy to maintain.

Technical parameters

* Laser wavelength: 1064nm
* Carved range: 110 * 110
* Carved Speed: 2 ~ 5 / s
* Average Power: 50W
* Power instability: ≤ ± 2%
* Carved width: 0.02 mm
* Minimum characters: 0.2mm
* Repeatability: 0.0025mm
* Carved depth: 0.002 mm ~ 0.4mm (adjustable depending on material)